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We provide the best yacht rental and charter in the Tampa Bay area. Whether you want to take a romantic sunset ride with your partner, or a party it up with your friends, we've got you covered! Our yacht can have up to 12 guests at a time! For pricing and rates, please fill out the form below or give us a call!

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Who We Are

Yacht Rentals Tampa is a yacht rental company based in Tampa, Florida. We have years of experience, renting and chartering yachts for our customers. We have a dedicated captain and crew to take care of all matters on the water, so that your time with us is as hands off and hassle free as possible.

Our Mission

At Yacht Rentals Tampa, we make it our mission to bring you and your party a luxorious, fun, and relaxing time out on the water. Our Yacht Rentals Tampa crew want to fully embrace you in the 'Yacht Life', and ensure that you and yourparty are having the best time possible.

Why Choose Us

From our years of experience, our Yacht Rentals Tampa team has mastered the ability to bring our customers an amazing and seamless yacht rental expereince. Whether you want to take a sunset cruize, or go on an adventure for a couple days, we've got you covered!

Come and Join Us!

Come and take a cruise with us at Yacht Rentals Tampa. We want to see you and your party live it up on our Tampa yacht as you take in the exciting and fun experience on the water. Our yacht charter Tampa has many packages that we would love to share with you. With years of experience, we will show you a seamless yacht rental / yacht charter experience (yacht rental and yacht charter are used synonymously). There is a reason that we are known as the best yacht rental Tampa. Whether you are looking to party with friends, relax with family, or spend quality time with your partner, you can count on us to bring you quality time on our Tampa yacht. It is our yacht charter Tampa, which allows us to do what we do: show you an amazing time and let loose in the open waters.

During any season, Yacht Rentals Tampa is the way to go. We offer top quality service with all the bells and whistles to make your experience a blast. The best part about our services is that we don’t only focus on the adults. If there are kids present we will make sure that they have a blast, too!

In the past we have covered birthday parties, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties and other life celebrations. At Yacht Rentals Tampa we make sure to make whatever the occasion a special one, and can certainly make adjustments to our package for your pleasure and enjoyment. We can’t wait for you to experience our Tampa yacht. Take the plunge today and call us to talk about a yacht charter tampa experience that is right for you and your party.