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Our goal is to immerse you in the ‘Yacht Life’ and give you a real taste of what it’s all about. We offer multiple luxurious yachts to rent/charter, each offering a unique and wonderful experience. This is an amazing choice for any party, celebration, or other gathering of friends and family.

Guest Limit

Each Yacht can have up to 12 guests, regulated by the United States Coast Guard.


We offer half day (4 hour), full day (8 hour), multi day (custom hour) rentals, and much more!


Each rental has an included Certified Captain, and depending on the yacht, may also have a first mate, stew, and other crew members.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yacht Rentals Tampa is a yacht rental/charter service in the Tampa Bay Area. Each rental comes with a certified captain, and some of our yachts even come with a first mate and a stew. This means that you don’t have to worry about sailing the yacht or any other type of work. Instead, we ensure that you are able to enjoy an exciting and comfortable experience out on the water. We have many yachts in our fleet, each of which can be rented out for half-day, full-day, multi-day and many other experiences.

Each yacht page will give insight into that yacht, the experiences, and amenities that it offers. If you have any trouble deciding which yacht to rent, give us a call, and we will gladly match you to our most fitting yacht for the occasion!

It starts by you choosing one of our yachts that you’d like to rent. From there either give us a call or fill out the inquiry form on that yacht’s page and we’ll give you a call ASAP. During our talk we figure out exactly what your rental includes and give you an exact price point. We then take payment (through Zelle or Paypal) and book you for the experience. All of the information you need (locations, contacts, etc) are delivered directly after the payment is submitted. From beginning to end, we make sure that you are comfortable, properly informed, and happy with the results. We make sure that you are happy and satisfied not only on the yacht, but throughout the entire process.

We have many Tampa Bay yacht rentals. This includes Tampa yacht rentals, St Pete yacht rentals , and Clearwater yacht rentals.

Each rental has a certified captain and some yachts also include a first mate and a stew. You can find out what each yacht includes by looking at the experience and Amenities section of each yacht’s page.

We use rental and charter interchangeably. Therefore, St Pete yacht charters and St Pete yacht rentals means the same thing on this website. Each rental/charter comes with a certified captain.

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Interested in renting a yacht? Fill out the inquiry form below or give us a call at (727) 295-1537 to schedule with us!

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